An unwavering commitment to excellence in car and boat care.

At Detailing Diaz, we are passionate about providing the highest quality car and boat cleaning service in New York. With advanced  techniques, premium products and a dedicated team, we strive to exceed your expectations in every detail.

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Why Choose Us

At Detailing Diaz, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality car and boat wash services in New York. Our highly trained team uses advanced techniques and top-quality products to leave your vehicles and boats impeccable and shiny. Whether you need a basic wash or full detailing, we’re here to deliver exceptional results.

We transform your vehicle into a masterpiece

At Detailing Diaz, we not only limit ourselves to cleaning and taking care of your cars and boats, but we turn them into authentic works of art on wheels and magnificent boats that dazzle at every outing.

Unmatched experience

From the moment you contact us until we deliver your completely cleaned vehicle or boat, our goal is to provide you with exceptional treatment.

We value your investment

We know that every car and boat has a story, and we´re here to make sure that story shines through its impeccable appearance.

Flawless Long-Lasting Results

We pride ourselves on flawless, long-lasting results. We use premium quality products that not only enhance the cosmetic appearance of vehicles and boats, but also protect paint and surfaces from the elements and daily wear and tear

Free time to enjoy

We free you from the exhausting and time-consuming task of cleaning and maintenance. Imagine what you could do with that extra time. Let us take care of the cleaning, so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

Excellence in Every Detail

We are committed to delivering excellence in every detail of our car and boat cleaning services. Every corner, every surface, and every inch of your vehicle or boat will receive our meticulous attention, guaranteeing an impeccable result that will leave you amazed


845 -240- 6534