Exterior and Interior Car Wash

Exterior and Interior Car Wash

Our exterior and interior car wash service in the complete solution to keep your vehicle in impeccable condition both inside and out.

 Exterior Wash Car

Impeccable aesthetics and shine:                                                                            Our exterior and interior car wash guarantees that your vehicle looks impeccable at all times. We remove dirt, stains, and debris, polish the bodywork and apply protectants to maintain a long-lasting shine. Your car will stand out for its neat and attractive appearance
Exterior Car Wash

Clean and fresh interior environment:
We not only focus on the exterior appearance, but also take care of the interior of your car. We remove dust, odors, and stains, thoroughly clean seats, carpets, and paneling, and apply products that leave behind a pleasant, fresh scent. You’ll enjoy a clean and welcoming interior environment on every ride

Interior Car Wash

Upholstery Cleaning and Conditioning : This service focuses on deep cleaning of seats, floor mats, door panels and other upholstered surfaces inside the car. Specialized products and techniques are used to remove stains, odors and embedded dirt, leaving materiales clean, fresh and revitalized.

Interior car wash

Boat Washing and Detailing

Our boat washing and detailing service highlights the beauty  of your boat. We remove salt buildup, water spots and dirt and polish the hull to its original shine.
Your boat will look like new

Our extended maintenance service includes the application of quality  protectants and sealants that protect against UV rays, corrosion and salt water damage. This ensures that your boat is protected from the elements and maintains its value over time

A clean and polished hull reduces water resistance , which translates into better glide and lower fuel consumption. In addition, our service includes the cleaning and care of the internal and mechanical areas, which contributes to a better general operation of your boat.

Boat washing and conditioning

Starting at $15 per Foot

Wash & Wax: UP TO 30FT